Continuing the Conversation with Grant & Laurel Fishbook

2 | From Mess to Mended with Rick & Tiffany Bulman

January 09, 2021 Grant & Laurel Fishbook Season 1 Episode 2
Continuing the Conversation with Grant & Laurel Fishbook
2 | From Mess to Mended with Rick & Tiffany Bulman
Show Notes

We're joined by Rick and Tiffany Bulman! In this episode, we continue a conversation that began when the Bulmans shared their story during the Miracles series at CTK Bellingham.

Listen to Miracles, Part 10.

Grant has been on staff at Christ the King Bellingham for the last 20 years and currently serves as the Lead Teaching Pastor. Laurel works alongside him in various ministries, including Global Missions and providing support to the pastoral team across the CTK Network.

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Rick and Tiffany Bulman, the founders of Mended Ministries, are passionate about encouraging and helping rebuild marriages that create strong families, healthy churches and better communities that bring glory to God. Through laughter and tears, they explore with couples, churches, staff and congregations what God is revealing to them regarding life and the sanctity of marriage. The Bulmans share their narrative openly to show the power of God's restorative work, which will encourage and bring hope to hurting couples and individuals around the world!

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